Performing Non-Holiday Temple Services, on Yom Tov [Holidays]

Application of Rabbinic Prohibitions of Holidays, to Temple Service: Pesachim 65b-66a

Bringing a Voluntary Burnt Offering or Personal Celebratory Offering on Holidays: Shabbat 114a, Pesachim 98a; Beitzah 12a-b; Chagigah 7b; Temurah 14b

Burning the Fats/Limbs from that day's Burnt Offering, on Holidays: Shabbat 133a, Pesachim 59b

Above, if that day was Shabbat: Shabbat 114a

Offering a Metzora's burnt offering: Temurah 14b

Offering a woman's burnt offering which she brings after giving birth: Temurah 14b

Offering a Sotah's flour offering: Temurah 14b

Offering a flour offering brought after sinning: Temurah 14b [See Shitah Mikubetzet 12]

Bringing libations from offerings which had been offered on the day before the holiday began: Temurah 14b

Bringing a Nazirite's celebratory offering on a holiday: Temurah 14b

Bringing the celebratory offering of the Eve of Pesach, on Pesach: Temurah 14b

Leaning on celebratory offerings on holidays: Rosh HaShanah 33a; Megillah 5a; Chagigah 7b; Temurah 16a

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