Kinim - Bird Offerings

In this document, "Yoledet" refers to a woman who has given birth, "Zav" refers to a Male with Genital Discharge, and "Zavah" to a Female with Genital Discharge. "Zivah" refers to the discharge. "Metzora" refers to someone who is marked by "Tzaraat," which is often [mis-]translated as leprosy. "Ger" refers to a convert to Judaism. "Nazir" refers to a Nazirite.

These bird-offerings are brought by a Zav or Zavah, or a Yoledet. Note that a Yoledet also has the option of bring a bird for her chatat, and using a sheep for her olah; that possibility is discussed here. They may also be brought as part of the purification process of a Metzora, if he is indigent. They may also be brought be a Ger as part of his conversion process, or a Nazir who has become impure and is now becoming pure.


Who brings these offeringsCases in which one might use bird-offerings for a sliding-scale korbanThe procedureWhat-Ifs - GeneralWhat-Ifs - Specific to a case of Zav / ZavahWhat-Ifs - Specific to a case of YoledetNon-Halachic Issues