Behavior and Hygiene of a Torah Scholar

Ex-Communication for a Torah Scholar about whom bad rumors abound: Moed Katan 17a

Gd hates a Torah Scholar who frequents party-houses: Niddah 16b

Gd hates a Torah Scholar who is overly talkative: Niddah 16b

Physically strong Torah scholars: Ketuvot 62a

A Torah Scholar who is a Glutton ruins his house, widows his wife, orphans his children, forgets his learning, becomes involved in disputes, is not listened to, causes Profanation of Gd and disgrace of his father and his Rebbe and all of his descendants: Pesachim 49a

Names which a gluttonous Torah Scholar causes to be used on his descendants: Pesachim 49a

A Torah Scholar is not allowed to wear patched shoes: Shabbat 114a

A Torah Scholar is forbidden, on penalty of death, to wear clothing with fat, or alternatively Shichvat Zera, on it: Shabbat 114a

May only eat at a Meal for a Mitzvah: Pesachim 49a

A Torah scholar may not live in a town where certain types of vegetables are unavailable: Eruvin 55b-56a

A Torah scholar may not stand in a place where Torah study is forbidden, since he will be unable to avoid thinking about Torah: Berachot 24b

Covering his head: Kiddushin 29b, 30a

Only one who learns Torah may eat meat/poultry: Pesachim 49b

One may not travel with one who does not learn Torah: Pesachim 49b

The ferocity of debate between scholars, as compared to their friendship when they are done: Kiddushin 30b

Rabbi Akiva said that a Torah Scholar may not walk barefoot, as it is considered disgraceful: Pesachim 112a

Better to work for a living, rather than receive money for one's status as a Torah Scholar: Pesachim 113a

How great an ego a Torah scholar ought to have: Sotah 5a

A Torah Scholar ought to lie if asked about his knowledge: Bava Metzia 23b

A Torah Scholar ought to lie if asked about his sexual habits: Bava Metzia 23b

A Torah Scholar ought to lie if asked about the hospitality of his host, lest people take advantage of the host: Bava Metzia 24a

Competitiveness among Torah scholars, even to the point of name-calling: Keritot 8a

May not use the "Crown" of Torah scholarship for himself: Megillah 28b

Two Torah scholars who live in a town and are not at peace with each other: Taanit 8a; Megillah 32a

Torah scholars are supposed to bring peace to the world: Keritot 28b

Rabbi Akiva told his son that he shouldn't live in a town governed by Torah Scholars: Pesachim 112a

Dancing before a Bride: Ketuvot 17a-b

Torah Scholars eat Breakfast during the 6th hour of the day: Pesachim 12b

A torah scholar is not likely to absorb elements of secular society: Bava Metzia 71a

He must speak with clean language: Pesachim 3a

Setting up a group of people studying Torah near a Torah scholar who has fallen ill: Eruvin 26a

It is expected that a Torah scholar will be less likely to commit sexual impropriety than others: Sotah 7a

If he grows angry, it is the fire of the Torah burning in him: Taanit 4a

A Torah scholar must be tough as iron, but must teach gently: Taanit 4a

A Torah scholar must behave as properly as dew, or he should be killed: Taanit 7a

Torah flows to those who are humble, just as water flows to low places: Taanit 7a

Comparing a Torah scholar to a tree: Taanit 7a

Torah scholars must sharpen each other in debate, as iron sharpens iron: Taanit 7a

Torah scholars require sparking from other Torah scholars, like fire. Those who study alone are considered sinners: Taanit 7a

Permissibility of Torah scholars lending money and items to each other with normally-prohibited interest, because they know interest is prohibited and they consider the extra a gift: Bava Metzia 75a

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