General Advice on Speech

The value of silence: Megillah 18a

Speech has the power of deed: Shabbat 119b

Gd hates a Torah Scholar who is overly talkative: Niddah 16b

The care necessary in forming a response: Megillah 25b

Righteous people speak less and act more: Nedarim 21b

Giving advice in the fields, rather in a public area: Berachot 8b

Better to say "I don't know" than to risk being tripped up: Berachot 4a

One should only speak when his information is as clear to him as the knowledge that his sister is forbidden to him: Shabbat 145b

Better to be concise and clear, as the High Court was: Berachot 4a

The value of clear speech, in one's learning: Eruvin 53a-b

Silence is good for wise people, all the more so for fools: Pesachim 99a

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