Figures and Sections from the Written Torah

Garden of Eden


Era of the Patriarchs and Matriarchs

The Children of Yaakov [Jacob] and Contemporaries

Esav's Family / Pre-Jewish Inhabitants of Israel

The Jews in Egypt


Aharon and Miriam

Departure from Egypt and the Desert Generation

The Giving of the Torah

The Jews in Israel Before the Era of the Judges

Era of the Judges

Shemuel - Samuel

Era of King Saul

Era of King David

Era of King Solomon

Era of the Kings of the "Yehudah [Judea]" Kingdom

Era of the Kings of the "Yisrael" Kingdom; the Ten Tribes

Destruction of the First Temple

The Exile to Babylonia

Exile to Paras [Persia], Madai [Medea], Yavan [Greece]

The Reading of the Megillah [Scroll of the Purim-Story]

Building of the Second Temple

Anecdotes in the Second Temple

The Book of Yechezkel [Ezekiel]

Tehillim [Psalms]


Shir HaShirim [Song of Songs]

Mishlei [Proverbs]

Kohelet [Ecclesiastes]


Iyov [Job]

Divrei HaYamim [Chronicles]

Anshei Kenesset HaGedolah - Men of the Great Assembly

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