Departure from Egypt and the Generation of the Desert


Life in Egypt

Pesach of Egypt; Leaving Egypt

Remembering the Departure from Egypt

Aharon and his Sons


Splitting of the Red Sea

The Sinai Desert and the Encampment

Kalev [Caleb]

Datan and Aviram

The "Marah" Rebellion

The Manna

Rephidim, Masah uMerivah and Miriam's Well

The War with Amalek

The Giving of the Torah

Eigel - The [Golden] Calf

The Mishkan [Tabernacle] of the Desert

Dedication of the Tabernacle

Census of the Tribe of Levi and Redemption of the Firstborn by the Tribe of Levi

Declaration of the "Second Pesach" Holiday

The Spies

Events of the 9th of Av

Events of the 15th of Av

The Shabbat Wood Chopper; The Daughters of Tzelafchad

Korach's Rebellion

The Quail

Eldad and Meidad

The Copper Snake


The Bnot Moav, and Pinchas

Miscellaneous personalities, events and practices in the desert

The end of the 40th Desert Year

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