Iyyov - Job

Bilaam, Job and Yitro were Pharaoh's advisors. Bilaam said to kill the Jewish babies, and so he was killed. Job was silent and so he was doomed to suffer. Yitro rebelled and fled, and so he merited to have children who would sit on the High Court [Sanhedrin]: Sotah 11a

Job's resignation to his fate: Pesachim 2b

When Job was prosperous, anyone who associated with him even to buy from him or sell to him, was blessed: Pesachim 112a

Job's reward for being generous: Megillah 28a

King David, Job and Yechezkel described the Torah's length without putting a number to it; Zecharyah put a number to it: Eruvin 21a

Elihu ben Barachel stating that he would not speak before his master, and that one who would do so should be bitten by a snake: Eruvin 63a

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