Establishment of Specific Prayers

Prayer of Admission of Sin to Hashem

Personal Prayer for Fasts

Communal Prayer for Fasts

The Additonal [Musaf] Prayer for Festivals

Prayers for Days Between Rosh HaShanah and Yom Kippur

Prayer invoking Gd's "Attributes"

Blessing for the New Month

Reciting Shema at one's Bedside

Prayers of Yom Kippur

Prayer Concluding Yom Kippur - Ne'ilah

The "Yehi Ratzon [May it be the will]" which precedes the recitation of Verses of the Temple Offerings

Recitation of the Verses of the Offerings

Prayers of Supplication [Tachanun]

Ashrei Prayer

"Yir'u Eineinu" Evening Prayer

Shortened Version of the Amidah

Prayers for Success in Business

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