Short form of the Amidah - Tefilah Ketzarah

"Havineinu" form vs. the Other Abridged Version: Tos.Berachot 3a #4, Rosh Berachot 1:3

Recitation during times of danger in place of the longer version: Berachot 3a, Tos. Berachot 3a #4, Rosh Berachot 1:3

Recitation for a Laborer who is being paid only in meals, or also an added salary: Berachot 16a

Recitation on the night after Yom Kippur: Yoma 87b, Pesachim 3a

A special recitation for an onayn: Berachot 19a

Recitation by a person who started the Amidah and then remembered that he was impure from emitting seed: Berachot 22b

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