Reciting Shema at One's Bedside

The Source for this Mitzvah: Berachot 4b-5a

Number of Sections of the Shema to read: Tos. Berachot 2a #1, Rosh Berachot 1:6

Protection against Mazikin [Damaging Spirits]: Berachot 5a; Tos. Berachot 2a #1

For Torah Scholars: Berachot 5a

Associated Blessings: Tos. Berachot 2a #1; Rosh Berachot 1:1

Additional prayers: Rosh Berachot 1:6

Forgiving others nightly, before going to sleep, earns long life: Megillah 28a

The Bed of one who skips Recitation of Shema is likened to the bed of a Nochri woman [in terms of danger to him]: Berachot 8b, Pesachim 112b

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