Eved Ivri - A Jewish slave

Gd says, "They are to be My servants, not servants of [my] servants: Bava Metzia 10a

Acquiring an eved ivri

The Court's Sale of a Thief

Laws specific to acquiring a female eved

Requirements of the master

Rules for ownership by a nochri

Redeeming a relative who becomes an eved

Freeing one's eved

A Runaway eved

Laws specific to freeing a female eved

Giving terumah to one's eved

Ha'anakah - Severance gifts

Ritzeeah - Piercing the eved's ear if he wishes to remain as an eved

Freedom in the Yovel [Jubilee] Year

Terms of ownership for a shifchah [maid]

Yiud - Marrying a female eved to the master or his son

The eved and mitzvot

Mating the eved with a nochri maid

Slaughtering a korban

Avadim and the korban pesach in Mitzrayim

Avadim and the korban pesach today

An eved's power of acquisition

Qualifying as a judge

An eved's non-liability for the fine for theft

Damage to an eved

Having an eved claim the eruv chatzeirot [meal which is used to merge adjacent properties, so that people may transport through the properties on Shabbat] on behalf of the other residents

Setting up the eruv techumin [meal which extends the limit one may travel outside a town on Shabbat] on behalf of one's Eved Ivri

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