Damaging an Eved

Punishment for a wound which does not inflict so much as a Perutah of damage: Makkot 8b-9a
Whether the 30 is considered to be a Fine: Bava Kama 15b
Type of currency to use: Kiddushin 11b
For an Animal's damage to an Eved one pays 30 Coins, but not for that of an Obstacle: Bava Kama 9b, 10a
For Damage done via Eating: Bava Kama 9b
For damage done by Goring: Bava Kama 9b, 10a
For Damage done via Trampling: Bava Kama 9b, 10a
For damage done by Burning: Bava Kama 10a
For damaging another's eved, who gets the payment for medicine and time lost from work: Gittin 12b

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