Redeeming a Relative who is an Eved

Whether there is an obligation to redeem him from a Jewish owner: Kiddushin 15b, 21a
Source for an obligation upon relatives to redeem him: Kiddushin 21a, 21a-b
Whether the order of obligation begins with the closest relative, or not: Kiddushin 21a-b
Whether one must borrow funds to redeem him: Kiddushin 21a
Whether he goes free, or is still an Eved, upon redemption by relatives: Kiddushin 15b
Not gaining the freedom of the eved by force: Kiddushin 15b-16a
Whether the buy-out is in accordance with the eved's original or current value: Kiddushin 20a-b
Whether a half-buyout is possible: Kiddushin 20b, 21a

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