Personal Anecdotes and Traits of Abbaye

Abbaye was an orphan: Kiddushin 31b

Abbaye made a habit of offering his hand to elderly people, to lean on: Kiddushin 33a

Under the name "Nachmeni [(Foster) Son of Nachman]": Shabbat 74a, Pesachim 112b

Rava was an adam chashuv - an important person, and therefore he was stricter than necessary in certain practices lest people learn inappropriate conduct from him: Shabbat 142b

Going out of his way to avoid travelling where people would have to rise out of respect: Kiddushin 33a

Said that a person should develop tactics to build Awe of Hashem and should develop Peace with others: Berachot 17a

Descendant of Eli: Rosh HaShanah 18a, Yevamot 105a

The eulogy for Rava and Abbaye: Moed Katan 25b

Excelled in Torah and Kind Deeds, to earn a Sixty Year Life despite the decree that his family would die young: Rosh HaShanah 18a, Yevamot 105a

Defeating the Spirit "Igeras Bas Machlas": Pesachim 112b-113a

Abbaye would make a Meal for a Mitzvah when someone in the Study Hall completed a section of Torah: Shabbat 118b-119a

Collecting a set of cases fitting a rule, from uncanonized lessons contemporary to the Mishnah: Shabbat 138a

Verse "Let its friend tell it [Iyyov 36]" in analyzing a case: Bava Metzia 31a

Asserting in an argument, "Any judge who doesn't judge like this judgment, is not a Judge!": Bava Metzia 36b

Abbaye was shocked at another man's ability to travel alone with a woman and not sin, and was disappointed in himself until it was explained to him that the righteous have stronger desires: Succah 52a

Abbaye saying that he felt so confident in answering questions once, he was like "Ben Azzai in the markets of Neherdaa": Kiddushin 20a

Abbaye and his wife arguing about whom his daughter should marry: Nedarim 23a

Abbaye stating, "I used to think/do X, and then...": Megillah 29a

Abbaye was silent (Ishtik) in response to a question, but then Rava responded for him: Makkot 6a

Responding to a question, "There are two answers to this": Shabbat 77a

Rabbi Yochanan said, "The early ones [a reference to Rabbi Akiva or Rabbi Elazar ben Shamua] had hearts like the entrance to the Temple's large hall, and the later ones [a reference to Rabbi Elazar ben Shamua or Rabbi Oshia Berebi (Berebi=leader of his generation)] like the entrance to the Temple's smaller hall, and ours are like the eye of a clothes-needle." Abbaye added, "Our ability to understand is like that of a peg jammed into a small hole in a wall." Rava added, "Our minds' ability to understand is like a finger stabbing into thick wax." Rav Ashi added, "We forget as easily as a finger fits into a cistern's entrance.": Eruvin 53a

Abbaye said that even the simplest request from his mother would so distract him that he couldn't learn: Eruvin 65a

Commenting on the remarkable significance of lessons learned from a Gezeirah Shavah: Keritot 5a

Abbaye answering a halachic question from his sharecropper, then being corrected by his Rebbe - Rav Yosef - and running after the sharecropper for three parsah, or one parsah in sand, and not getting to him in time: Ketuvot 60b

Abbaye answering a halachic question based, in part, on a precedent case: Ketuvot 60b

Abbaye's prescription for how to conduct the neurosurgery needed to remove the parasite that causes ra'atan: Ketuvot 77b

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