Abbaye's Involvement with Rabbah and Rav Yosef, his Teachers

Called Rabbah "Master [Mar]": Shabbat 124a; Eruvin 68a, 93b; Succah 26b; Bava Metzia 6b

Called Rav Yosef "Master [Mar]": Beitzah 7b

Rabbah said that the mitzvah of "Mah Nishtanah" of Pesach Night was fulfilled when Abbaye asked why the "Seder Plate" was being removed: Pesachim 115b

Rav Yosef wanted to permit a certain case, but when opposed by Abbaye he said, "He won't let me permit it": Bava Metzia 29b

Reminding Rav Yosef of something Rav Yosef had taught, pre-amnesia: Eruvin 10a, 41a, 66b, 73a, 89b; Nedarim 41a; Bava Metzia 8b; Makkot 4a

He and Rava labelled "dardiki [Children]" by Rav Yosef, for schemes they invented for carrying items prohibited for movement on Shabbat: Shabbat 142b

A case was brought to Rav Yosef, who said, "This doesn't require examination," and Abbaye replied, "This requires extra examination!": Bava Metzia 16a

Rav Yosef chastising Abbaye for taking a brief nap: Succah 26b

Abbaye used to entertain Rabbah [perhaps Rava] by juggling 8, or perhaps 4, eggs: Succah 53a

Abbaye standing as soon as he could see the ear of Rav Yosef's donkey at a distance: Kiddushin 33a

Abbaye challenged Rabbah by quoting Rav and Shemuel; Rabbah replied, "I cite Rabbi Yochanan ben Zakkai and you reply with Rav and Shemuel?!": Beitzah 5a

Set of questions which Abbaye asked Rabbah regarding enclosures around walls, permitting drawing water within on Shabbat: Eruvin 19b-20a

Rabbah making a questionable statement before Abbaye, specifically for the purpose of testing him: Megillah 25a; Niddah 4b

Abbaye asking Rav Yosef why he hadn't taught him a specific lesson, and Rav Yosef responding that he hadn't known Abbaye was curious about. Rav Yosef asked, "Have you ever asked me something, and I haven't told it to you?": Megillah 23a

Abbaye challenged Rav Yosef on an instruction, and eventually Rav Yosef recanted, because of an anecdote wherein Rav practiced in a way which matched Abbaye's opinion: Kiddushin 39a-b

Abbaye took Purim Gifts of Food of dried and sweetened grain from Rabbah to Mari bar Mar, warning that Mari bar Mar would consider Rabbah a farmer-turned-leader. He returned with vessels containing ginger and pepper, and warned that Rabbah would say, "I sent sweet items, and he sends sharp ones!": Megillah 7b

Abbaye stated a lesson before Rav Safra, who corrected him. When Abbaye told the correction to Rav Yosef, Rav Yosef rebuked him for not asking a certain question against Rav Safra's correction: Eruvin 45b

Rabbah told Abbaye and the rest of his students to eat with him on Friday night, lest the light go out at their hosts' houses, in which case they wouldn't have Kiddush there: Pesachim 101a

The people of Kakunai asked Rav Yosef to set up arrangement merging their properties so they could transport items between them on Shabbat. Rav Yosef sent Abbaye, with the instruction, "Make sure they won't protest in the Study Hall." After several re-analyses of the situation's requirements, in which Abbaye successively required less and less of them, Abbaye said, "That's what my master meant." [Tosafot - Meaning not to demand too much of the people]: Eruvin 60a

Rav Yosef taught Abbaye a law. Abbaye asked a question about it. Rav Yosef asked what the difference was, to which Abbaye responded, "Is learning the Gemara like singing a song?!": Shabbat 106b, 113a; Eruvin 60a

Abbaye had a question against a ruling by Rabbah, but it was on a rabbinic prohibition and Rav Yosef had taught Abbaye that in such a case one should ask after the fact: Eruvin 67b-68a

Rabbah bar Rav Chanan asked Abbaye why the alley on which Abbaye and Rabbah both lived had no "merging meal" permitting transport in the area on Shabbat. Abbaye responded that it wouldn't be proper for Rabbah's honor for Rabbah to collect the meal, and Abbaye had been too busy with his learning, and the rest of the people weren't careful about it. Abbaye said he couldn't afford to donate a meal every week, so he couldn't donate a meal for joint use: Eruvin 68a

Abbaye asking Rav Yosef whether he would be allowed to sit on the part of a tree which grew in his house and extended up somewhat through a skylight: Eruvin 100a

Rav Yosef issued an order that sounded like he wanted fruit owned by an estate to be used to support an orphaned woman. Abbaye challenged him on it, and Rav Yosef explained that he only wanted fruit that was on the trees to be used: Ketuvot 50b-51a

Abbaye answering a halachic question from his sharecropper, then being corrected by his Rebbe - Rav Yosef - and running after the sharecropper for three parsah, or one parsah in sand, and not getting to him in time: Ketuvot 60b

Abbaye issued a ruling in a matter and then was corrected by Rav Yosef. He was shocked, because he had been the one to tell that law to Rav Yosef, and he took that as reinforcement of the rule of not teaching halachah before one's Rebbe: Ketuvot 60b

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