People want to be known as trustworthy people: Bava Metzia 15b-16a

How long a person who stole a field and then purchased it illegally has, to be able to claim that his acquisition was done in order to legitimately acquire the rights and clear his name: Bava Metzia 16a

The borrower trusts the lender more than the lender trusts the borrower: Bava Metzia 35a

Whether one who gives an item to X to watch, will approve of X giving that item over to Y to watch: Bava Metzia 36a, 36b

May one assume that a proxy will carry out his assigned mission [Chazakah Shaliach Oseh Shelichuto]: Eruvin 31b-32b

May one give an unredeemed first-born male donkey to a kohen and trust the kohen to redeem it: Bechorot 12b

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