Acquisition of Movable Items along with Acquisition of Encumberable Property ["Kinyan Agav"]

Changes in the Standard Text for a Bill on such a Sale: Kiddushin 27a

Acquisition of Movable Items along with an Acquisition of "encumberable property": Kiddushin 7a, 26a; Bava Kama 12a-b, Bava Metzia 11b, 47a

For the above, how much Territory is required in order to qualify as "encumberable property": Kiddushin 26b

The Acquisition of non-encumberable property with that of encumberable property, works via Acquisition by method of Money, Bill, and Physically taking hold of the property: Gittin 22a; Kiddushin 7a, 26a; Bava Kama 12a

Whether the non-encumberable property must be on the encumberable property: Kiddushin 26a-27a

An acquisition via acquisition of other property is not considered to be specifically linked to sales, but rather is also appropriate for ritual transactions which are not to be done in the manner of sales: Bava Metzia 11b

Whether this deal works if the "Bound" Property is being sold, and the non-"Bound" Property is being given as a gift: Kiddushin 27a

Whether this deal works if the "Bound" and non-"Bound" Property are being sold to two different people: Kiddushin 27a

Whether money must be paid for all of the items involved: Kiddushin 27a-b

The above refers to Cities which were walled-in in Yehudah, because they are set: Bava Kama 12a

Acquiring Movable Items via an Acquisition of avadim: Bava Kama 12a-b

Whether, if one ends up having to swear on the acquisition of the movable property, he will also have to swear on the "encumberable property": Kiddushin 26a

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