Procedure for Chalitzah

Please note that "Chalitzah" refers to the rite which frees a man and woman from their obligation to perform levirate marriage.


Is there a financial penalty [אגרת מרד] for a woman or man who refuses yibbum or chalitzah: Ketuvot 64a

Source for the idea that chalitzah should result in a woman's being permitted to marry anyone: Kiddushin 14a

Requiring mental competence: Yevamot 104b, 106a

Conditional Chalitzah: Rashi Yevamot 106a

Sending a proxy for Chalitzah: Rashi Yevamot 106a; Ketuvot 74a

Importance of the order of events: Yevamot 105a, 106b

Standing: Moed Katan 21a

Attendees Should Announce "Chalutz HaNaal [The Shoe is Removed]": Yevamot 101b, 106b

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