Removing the Shoe

Please note that "Chalitzah" refers to the rite which frees a man and woman from their obligation to perform levirate marriage.

Definition of term "Chalitzah": Yevamot 102b

Whether the shoe-removal is necessary: Yevamot 104a-b

Removing the shoe from most of the heel: Yevamot 102a

Whether she must be the un-tier and remover of the shoe: Yevamot 102a

Where she is an amputee: Yevamot 105a

Destruction of the shoe without removing it: Yevamot 102a

Requirement for intent: Yevamot 102b

Removal without intent (i.e. if she grew up with her brother-in-law, and at one point removed his shoe): Yevamot 102b

Whether he must press his foot to the ground following the shoe's removal: Yevamot 103a

What if he normally walks on the sides of his feet: Yevamot 103a

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