Haman and Achashverosh

Haman was the advisor to Achashverosh known as "Memuchan": Megillah 12b

Haman as a fool in his advice to Achashverosh about Vashti: Megillah 12b

What Haman was thinking, and how we know, when Achashveirosh asked him about honoring Mordechai: Megillah 7a, 16a

Haman's sales pitch to Achashverosh, and Achashverosh's reaction: Megillah 13b-14a

Angels in Achashverosh's garden uprooting the trees and telling Achashverosh that it was done at Haman's behest: Megillah 17a

An angel pushing Haman down on Esther's bed, as Achashverosh entered: Megillah 16a

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