Esther and Achashverosh

How the relationship between Esther and Achashverosh was divinely assisted: Megillah 13a

Esther's refusal to tell Achashverosh her nationality, despite his attempts at persuasion: Megillah 13a

Whether Esther was taken willingly, or by force: Megillah 15a

The 3 Angels who accompanied Esther to Achashverosh, and aided her in gaining his approval and sceptre: Megillah 15b

The lengthening of Achashverosh's sceptre: Megillah 15b

Achashverosh's warning to Esther that he wouldn't grant the re-building of the Temple: Megillah 15b

How Esther and Achashverosh communicated before and after she told him that she was Jewish: Megillah 16a

Esther first pointing to Achashverosh in identifying the Jews' enemy, then an Angel turning her hand toward Haman: Megillah 16a

An Angel pushing Haman down on Esther's bed, as Achashverosh entered: Megillah 16a

Achashverosh calming down after his anger over Haman's plan threatening Esther: Megillah 16a

Achashverosh was planning to protest the Jews' pillage of their enemies, to Esther; an Angel slapped him and he changed his sentence: Megillah 16b

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