Collecting the Altar's Ashes - Terumat haDeshen

When the kohen who would collect the ashes raised or submerged the sink for washing, that signaled the other kohanim that the time for washing had arrived: Zevachim 21b
Meilah [trespass through personal use of sanctified property] in using the ashes: Pesachim 26a; Zevachim 46a; Temurah 34a; Keritot 6a
The ashes must be left by the Altar: Pesachim 26a; Temurah 34a; Keritot 6a
How the ashes must be placed down: Pesachim 26a, 27b; Temurah 34a
For one who wants to perform Temple Service in the morning, need he wash again if he already washed for terumat hadeshen after the rooster crowed that morning: Zevachim 20a-b

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