Work [Not] Forbidden on Rosh HaShanah

Source forbidding work on Rosh HaShanah: Rosh HaShanah 32a

Travelling more than 2000 Cubits outside the Town: Rosh HaShanah 32b

Baking the Showbread for Shabbat: Pesachim 47a

Breaking Biblical or Rabbinic prohibitions to acquire a shofar, for the Mitzvah of blowing it: Rosh HaShanah 32b-33a

Cleaning the Horn with water or wine: Rosh HaShanah 32b

For a child to practice blowing the shofar: Eruvin 96b; Rosh HaShanah 32b-33b

Keeping people from blowing the shofar if they are not obligated to blow it: Eruvin 96b; Rosh HaShanah 33a

Status of an egg laid on the first day of Rosh HaShanah, regarding its use on the second day: Beitzah 3a-b

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