Rabban Shimon Ben Gamliel

Sitting on a bench in a marketplace on Shabbat, without fear of Suspicion: Pesachim 51a
Was the Leader ["Nasi"] of the Jewish people: Moed Katan 22b
Asking R' Yosi what to do in a law in which R' Yosi and R' Yehudah debated, although ordinarily he simply practiced as R' Yosi taught: Pesachim 100a
Calling R' Yosi "BeRebi" [Leader of the Generation]: Pesachim 100a
Calling R' Yosi ben Chalafta "BeRebi" [Leader of the Generation]: Succah 26a
R' Yochanan said that the law is like R' Shimon Ben Gamliel when he states something in a Mishnah, except in 3 Cases: Bava Metzia 38b
R' Shimon testifying as to how certain practices were done in Yavneh: Rosh HaShanah 32a
R' Akiva and R' Tarfon said that had they been on the courts, capital punishment would never have been administered. R' Shimon ben Gamliel responded that they would then be increasing the number of murders: Makkot 7a
Rebbe saying, "My words appear more correct than those of my father [Rabban Shimon ben Gamliel] in this matter": Eruvin 32a
Rabban Shimon ben Gamliel manipulating economic markets to reduce the cost of birds for bird offerings by threatening to teach people that they should not bring those offerings [since they were not actually required to bring those offerings in the first place]: Keritot 8a

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