Rav's Anecdotes and Traits

According to Abbaye: Rabbah, Rav, Rebbe and King David habitually slept like horses, meaning that they napped for 60 "breaths": Succah 26b

Rav adding a prayer to the end of the Amidah, for a life of all sorts of Blessings; this prayer has been incorporated into our Blessing of the New Month: Berachot 16b

Rav spent 13 years studying animal blemishes by a shepherd. He became so skilled that there was concern lest others misconstrue his rulings: Sanhedrin 5b

Rav borrowed money from Rabbi Chiyya's daughter, and disputed with her as to how he should re-pay when the currency's value became inflated; Rabbi Chiyya ruled in her favor: Bava Metzia 44b

Rabbi Chiyya asked Rebbe to give judicial license to Rav; Rebbe gave him limited permission: Sanhedrin 5a-b

Re-starting lesson in the Prophets/Writings as students Entered: Yoma 87b

Teaching two students, one of whom used cleaner language than the other: Pesachim 3b

Said that he would have any danger to the Students coming to learn at night on his own account, but not necessarily for those leaving at night: Pesachim 8b

Said that one should eat meat after undergoing blood-letting: Shabbat 129a

Dessert which Rav used to eat: Pesachim 119b

Rav saying "Let me explain what I said, so that the later generations don't come along and laugh at me": Shabbat 75b

Rav warning his students, "Don't bother asking questions from a text that could be interpreted in opposing ways לא תיזלו בתר איפכא": Ketuvot 48b; Keritot 17b

"Poetic" statement on wasted effort: Shabbat 129b [See Tos. #4]

The water flowed to meet his boat, to hide his illness-induced need to excrete in the sea: Shabbat 108a

Refused to go to Bei Avidan and Bei Nitzrifi to argue with antagonists of Torah: Shabbat 116a

Self-Deprecating when he was Followed by Masses of People: Yoma 87a

Taught a Law to Shemuel 40 times: Ketuvot 22a-b

Rav's care in not telling the news of his parents' deaths to Rabbi Chiyya directly: Pesachim 4a; Moed Katan 20a-b

Rav sighed when Rav Kahana read the passage from Job regarding the impotence of old age in front of him: Shabbat 152a

Rav said, "I am afraid when I read the verse, 'You shall be lost among the nations, and the land of your enemies will consume you.'": Makkot 24a

A special way in which Rav planted his garden, and a question regarding whether this was due to legal concerns, or simply for beauty or to make his aide's work easier: Kiddushin 39a-b

How he began his teaching of the Purim Story: Megillah 11a

A woman's complaint to him regarding her husband's manners during sexual relations, and his response: Nedarim 20b

Rav getting involved in an intricate back-and-forth question, then responding, "Dal Ana MeiHacha," "Remove me from this discussion.": Eruvin 3a

According to Rav Chanan bar Rava, Rav performed a stringent practice in Damharia because the local people were lax in their Mitzvah observance, and he sought to distance them from sin: Eruvin 6a

Rav taught a stringent rule in Afsatya because the local people were lax in their Mitzvah observance, and he sought to distance them from sin: Eruvin 100b

Whenever Rav taught Torah, people asked him legal questions - even if he specified that he would not be discussing law: Keritot 13b

Rav providing a woman's dowry from wheat that was part of the estate of her deceased father, based on the father's generosity: Ketuvot 50b

Rav giving a mnemonic to help students remember laws: Ketuvot 54a

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