Also known as "Hillel the Elder": Succah 28a; Nedarim 9b
Praising the Clean Language of R' Yochanan Ben Zakkai: Pesachim 3b
Hillel's statement at the Celebration of the Water Libation, "If I am here, then everyone is here; if I am not here, no one is here!": Succah 53a [See Rashi, Tos.]
Hillel's "Korech" Sandwich on Pesach Night: Pesachim 115a
Hillel as the restorer of Torah when it had largely been forgotten: Succah 20a
The levels of Hillel's 80 students: Succah 28a
Hillel's grandchildren were teachers of Torah in public: Sanhedrin 5a
Hillel's observation on sighting a floating skull- "You were drowned for drowning another, and in the end your drowners will be drowned.": Succah 53a
How Hillel arranged his dedication of animals as offerings, to minimize the risk of problems developing: Nedarim 9b

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