Avuha deShemuel - Shemuel's Father

His actual name was Abba bar Abba: Berachot 18b

Setting up guards for kidnapped women: Ketuvot 23a

Shemuel's father asking Shemuel how he would act if his daughters were kidnapped; then they were: Ketuvot 23a

Shemuel's father quizzing Shemuel on laws of korbanot, and repeatedly answering "Ishtabashta [You confused it]" when Shemuel answered incorrectly: Zevachim 26a

He went beyond the law to return a donkey he found in the desert after a year had passed: Bava Metzia 24b

The Mikvah [Ritual Bath] which he set up for his daughters: Nedarim 40b

Shemuel's father and Levi leaving a synagogue on hearing Angels approaching: Megillah 29a

Shemuel's father would not pray for the first three days after returning from a long trip, due to the distraction: Eruvin 65a

Communicating with his son Shemuel from the grave, to tell him how to find the money he had held for orphans: Berachot 18b

Going to the heavenly yeshiva after his death: Berachot 18b

Sad when he foretold his son's death, but happy at his son's status in the next world: Berachot 18b

His special method of protecting money he was guarding for others: Berachot 18b

The Talmud pitting Shemuel's statement against his father's statement: Beitzah 9a

When Rav challenged Shemuel's father and he had no reply, Rav quoted Iyov 29:9 about leaders who found themselves speechless; Rav knew an answer that Shemuel's father should have given: Ketuvot 51b

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