Haman and his Family

Haman's talent for slander: Megillah 13b

Haman made himself into an idol for worship: Megillah 10b, 19a

Haman wanted that which was not his, and so he even lost that which he had: Sotah 9b

How large Haman's family was: Megillah 15b

Serving at Achashverosh's party: Megillah 12a [see Rashi]

The progression of Haman's hate for the Jews: Megillah 13b

Haman's lottery, and his joy at having the date to kill the Jews fall out in the month of Moshe's death, the month of Adar: Megillah 13b

The Jews' donation of coins to the Tabernacle in Adar pre-empted Haman's gifts of coins to King Achashverosh: Megillah 13b

Haman's daughter hurling trash at him accidentally, and her subsequent suicide: Megillah 16a

Delivery of Haman to Esther's party: Megillah 16a

Gd "calming down" from His anger over Haman's plan: Megillah 16a

Haman's sons died at once: Megillah 16b

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