Avraham and the Mitzvot

Avraham lived his entire life in righteousness: Megillah 11a

Avraham "walked in perfection" with Gd: Makkot 24a

Avraham is known as one who practiced just and good deeds: Makkot 24a

How old Avraham was when he first recognized the existence of the Divine: Nedarim 32a

Avraham performing Mitzvot as quickly and early as possible: Pesachim 4a

Hashem made Avraham 13 Covenants on Circumcision: Shabbat 132a, 133a; Nedarim 31b

Avraham was only considered "Complete" after his Circumcision: Nedarim 31b, 32a

Avraham's progression to completeness, and his dominance over the Satan: Nedarim 32b

The presentation of the actual commandment of circumcision to Avraham: Nedarim 32a

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