Rabbi Yirmiyah

Over-extended enunciation of "Echad" in Recitation of Shema, before Rabbi Chiyya Bar Abba: Berachot 13b

Called "Yirmiyah, my son," by Rabbi Avahu: Bava Metzia 16b

Exclaiming "Bavlai Tipshai!" [Stupid Babylonians!] ("Who live in a land of darkness, and so give unenlightened explanations"): Yoma 57a, Pesachim 34b; Ketuvot 75a; Menachot 52a

Rabbi Yirmiyah exclaiming, "Could a great man like Rav Yosef have said such a thing?!": Zevachim 44a

When Rava heard about the above, he asked, "Why do you tell him of our bad statements? [Rava then defended the statement]: Menachot 52a

Asked Rabbi Abba for an explanation of a Dispute, and Rabbi Abba replied, "When you find [the answer].": Shabbat 143b

Rabbi Yirmiyah dozing off before his students, Rav Huna and Rav Yitzchak bar Yosef; then waking and calling them "Children!" correcting a statement of theirs from when he was "asleep": Gittin 11b

Rabbi Avin and Rav Yitzchak ben Rebbe learning before Rabbi Yirmiyah, who dozed off and then awoke to point out an error in their learning: Nedarim 29b-30a

Rabbi Yirmiyah arguing with his own statement, and recanting it: Rosh HaShanah 13a

Rabbi Zeira said of a statement which Rabbi Yirmiyah had disproved, "We had this item in our hands, and Rabbi Yirmiyah came and threw a hatchet into it!": Succah 12a

Rabbi Yirmiyah asking Rabbi Zeira to come learn, and Rabbi Zeira replying that he was too ill: Taanit 7a

Rabbi Yirmiyah as a man with fields: Rashi Eruvin 28b s.v. "leKiryita"

Set of Chizkiyah's statements quoting Rabbi Yirmiyah quoting Rabbi Shimon bar Yochai: Succah 45b

Set of statements which were either Rabbi Yirmiyah's or Rabbi Chiyya bar Abba's: Megillah 2b-3a

Rabbi Yirmiyah travelling to the villages, being asked a question and not knowing the answer until he returned to town and went to the study hall: Eruvin 28b

Abbaye said: One Israeli is greater than two Babylonians [in wisdom]. Rava replied: When a Babylonian goes to Israel he becomes as great as two Israelis, as seen from the fact that when Rabbi Yirmiyah was in Bavel he didn't understand what the Sages said, but when he moved to Israel he called the Babylonians foolish: Ketuvot 75a

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