Rav Mesharshiya

Would give money to a non-Jewish child to plant gourds in a vineyard, although it was permitted for Jews to do it themselves outside Israel, to prevent people from extrapolating an inaccurate leniency: Shabbat 139a

Abbaye was surprised when Rav Mesharshiya and the scholars didn't stand for him when he was on the other side of a river; they explained that they hadn't noticed his presence: Kiddushin 33a

Rav Mesharshiya sent his son to ask a question regarding a law's detail; Rav Pappa prefaced his response to the son, 'If we would be so careful to include such details when teaching, we would never teach at all!': Eruvin 48a

Rav Mesharshiya's advice to his son: Prepare a text prior to learning it from your rebbe; keep your eyes on your rebbe's mouth; study beside water for it is a good omen for the flow of your learning; better the trash heaps of Mata Machsiya than the foyers of Pumbedita; better rotten fish than strong yogurt: Keritot 6a

Rav Mesharshiya rejecting a general rule: Eruvin 46b, 56a

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