Ravin's arrival, along with the rest of the "seafarers" who had travelled from Israel to Bavel: Succah 43b; Niddah 10b

Statements which he related on his arrival in Bavel from Israel: Ketuvot 66a; Zevachim 20a, 31a, 33b; Keritot 7b, 14b, 25b; Niddah 18b, 29a, 69a [note: this list is incomplete; I sometimes forget to include references here as I go through the gemara]

Set of Ravin's statements citing Rav: Nedarim 40a-b

Rav Dimi reporting a question of Ilfa's when he arrived from Israel, and then Ravin arriving from Israel and reporting Ilfa's subsequent response to his own question: Zevachim 20a

A letter Ravin sent, with a halachic lesson: Ketuvot 49b

Ravin came to Bavel and quoted a statement by Reish Lakish. Abbaye replied: Take your bounty and throw it on the thorns; Rav Hoshia already taught this in Babylon: Ketuvot 53a-b

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