Rabbi Avahu

The eulogy for Rabbi Avahu: Moed Katan 25b

Rabbi Avahu referring to himself in the 3rd person: Kiddushin 31b

Rabbi Avahu's manner of speaking in clever riddles: Eruvin 53b

Rabbi Avahu's riddle response when the students asked him where Rabbi Ilai was, and Rabbi Ilai's riddle response when the students asked him where Rabbi Avahu was: Eruvin 53b

Rabbi Avahu's second wife (according to one reading) was the daughter of a Kohen: Eruvin 53b

The respect with which his son, Avimi, treated him: Kiddushin 31b

He left the synagogue between Segments of the Reading of the Torah: Berachot 8a

Debate with a Sadducee, using analysis of adjacent texts in Psalms: Berachot 10a

Debate with a Sadducee, on how King Saul could have called up Samuel with a Magician [Ov]: Shabbat 152b-153a

Friend of the Caesar: Yoma 73a, Ketuvot 17a

Calling Rabbi Yirmiyah "Yirmiyah, my son": Bava Metzia 16b

Praise from a Roman Matron for Rabbi Avahu: Ketuvot 17a

Rabbi Avahu with the heretics "Sasson" and "Simchah": Succah 48b

Rabbi Avahu was silent for a moment, for which the verse is quoted, "He was taken aback for a moment," from Rabbi Zeira's question: Succah 44a

Rabbi Avahu answering someone harshly ["migadef"]: Zevachim 12a

Giving an answer to Rav Tachlifa of Israel via hand-motions: Bava Metzia 7a

Rav Chisda taught a lesson from a verse, which Rav Tachlifa, from Israel, heard and re-told to Rabbi Avahu. Rabbi Avahu provided a different verse for the lesson: Eruvin 54b

Told by Rabbi Yochanan "Pok Teni Levra [Go learn outside!]": Shabbat 106a

Answering a question "Yes" at times and "No" at others, uncertainly: Shabbat 116a

Would sit on a stool on Erev Shabbat building the fire for Shabbat: Shabbat 119a

Would have an entire animal prepared for the Post-Shabbat Meal, from which he would eat only the kidney: Shabbat 119b

Establishing the practice for the blowing of the Horn Blasts in Caesaria on Rosh HaShanah: Rosh HaShanah 34a

Talmud concluding that a statement of his is "a lie [Beduta/Beruta]": Bava Metzia 9a

Rabbi Avahu asking Rabbi Yochanan how to do a certain mitzvah, and Rabbi Yochanan replying with advice based on Rabbi Avahu's general views, even though Rabbi Yochanan personally disagreed: Berachot 24b

Set of Rabbi Avahu's statements relating to rainfall and prayers for rain: Taanit 6b-7a

Rav Yitzchak bar Yosef meeting Rabbi Avahu in a public gathering in Usha: Ketuvot 50a

Rabbi Avahu was so strong that when the bathhouse floor collapsed beneath him, he was able to hold up with one hand the two men who had been supporting him, and to use his free hand to climb a pillar. He only wanted the supporters in order to conserve strength for his old age: Ketuvot 62a

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