Sages of the Talmud (Gemara) - Amoraim

  • Abbaye

  • Abbaye bar Avin

    Abbaye bar Avin exchanging Purim Gifts of Food with Rabbi Chanina bar Avin: Megillah 7b

  • Abba bar Marta

  • Abba Sura'ah

    Abba Sura'ah's daughter married Rav Pappa: Ketuvot 39b

    Rav Pappa married off his son to his wife's sister. Yehudah bar Mareimar didn't want to go with Rav Pappa when Abba Sura'ah was writing the ketubah, lest that intimidate Abba Sura'ah into giving a greater amount. In the end, Yehudah bar Mareimar went and was silent, and Abba Sura'ah interpreted the silence as disapproval of the amount, and he gave all of his property for the ketubah. When Abba Sura'ah found out it wasn't disapproval he thought to back out, but Yehudah bar Mareimar said not to become someone who backs out of his agreements: Ketuvot 52b-53a

  • Ameimar

  • Avimi

  • Avitul Safra

    Set of citations of Rav: Moed Katan 18a

  • Avuha bar Ihi

    What Avuha bar Ihi and his brother Manimin praised themselves for: Megillah 28a

    Avuha bar Ihi and Manimin bar Ihi had wait staff. One of them gave the staff food from one dish at the start of the meal to sate their appetites; the other gave from each dish as it came out. Eliyahu would come speak with the latter one: Ketuvot 61a

    Shemuel asking Avuha bar Ihi to lend him 100 peppers, saying he would re-pay 120, adding the 20 as a gift rather than prohibited interest: Bava Metzia 75a

  • Ayvo

  • Bar Kappara

  • Beiha