Signs of Tzaraat on People - Simanei Tzaraat

The laws are few, relative to the number of verses spent explaining them: Chagigah 11a

The significance of the names of signs of tzaraat, "Se'eit" and "Sapachat": Sotah 5a-b

Which limb-tips cannot have a sign of tzaraat: Kiddushin 25a

Whether beards of women or eunuchs count, for signs which appear on beards: Kiddushin 35b

Whether tzaraat with a white hair in it is pure or impure, where the growth/hair preceded the hair/growth: Niddah 19a

Whether there are tzaraat growths which are not impure: Niddah 19a

Status of tzaraat that spreads to cover one's entire head: Zevachim 49b

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