Tzaraat on Houses

Whether a house which is smaller than 4*4 cubits can contract Tzaraat: Succah 3a-b

The minimal size and number of leprous growths, to confer impurity: Niddah 19a

The Tzaraat makes entrants impure, although the title "House" has been "destroyed" by the requirement of destroying the house: Yevamot 103b

The determination of how long one must remain in the house in order to communicate impurity to his clothing and vessels, as a Biblical law or a Law Communicated to Moshe at Sinai: Eruvin 4a; Succah 5b-6a

Items in the hands of one who enters a leprous house, contract impurity immediately: Succah 5b-6a

Whether a Synagogue can contract this Tzaraat: Megillah 26a

Whether this Tzaraat can be contracted in Jerusalem: Megillah 26a

Whether a House of Torah Study can contract this Tzaraat: Megillah 26a

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