The Angel "Gavriel"

Power/Speed of Gavriel's flight: Berachot 4b

Punishing Jerusalem,and being whipped for not completing the job: Yoma 77a

Gd having Gavriel punish Rome in the time of the Messiah, because with all of their wealth, they sought to destroy the Jews: Pesachim 118b

Gavriel wanting to save Avraham from Nimrod's furnace, and Hashem's insistence on doing it Himself: Pesachim 118a

Potiphar acquired Joseph intending to abuse him; the angel Gavriel wounded him in a way which made this impossible: Sotah 13b

Batyah's maidservants protested against her rescue of Moshe, because she was violating her father's decree. The angel Gavriel struck them dead: Sotah 12b

Gavriel defending the Jews, with Daniel and Michael: Yoma 76b

Gavriel saving Chananiah, Mishael and Azariah from the furnace: Pesachim 118a

Arguing with Yorkemu over who would save Chananiah, Mishael and Azariah from the furnace: Pesachim 118a-b

Gavriel creating a tail for Vashti: Megillah 12b

Intervention of Gavriel with Achashverosh's reader of the Chronicles: Megillah 15b-16a

When Tamar was being taken out to be killed, Samael came and tried to remove the items which identified Yehudah as the father; Gavriel came and brought them back: Sotah 10b

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