Architecture and Interior Decor

People don't place entrances in a corner of a structure: Eruvin 6a, 94a-b

People don't like to live in a house which doesn't have yard space in front of it: Eruvin 26b, 68b, 69b

The minimum-sized area in which a person might practice "Ziluf," sprinkling liquids to prevent dust from rising: Eruvin 88a-b

The types of door-stoppers and bolts people used in Talmudic times: Shabbat 126a-b; Eruvin 101b-102a

Different types of building materials, and their relative strength: Bava Batra 2a, 3a-b

The required thickness of a wall to support its height: Bava Batra 3a-b

The role of the frame around a wall, and its gutter, in supporting the wall: Bava Batra 3b

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