Damage Caused by Viewing Someone's Property - Hezek Rieeyah

Is Hezek Rieeyah a legitimate form of damage, such that one is responsible to refrain from causing it: Bava Batra 2a-3a

Distinguishing between Hezek Rieeyah for gardens/fields and other types of property: Bava Batra 2b

Distinguishing between damage to communities and individuals: Bava Batra 2b

Tying this to Ayin HaRa: Rashi Bava Batra 2b "Assur l'Adam"

Leaving space between one's windows and the adjacent property: Bava Batra 2b

Building a wall around one's roof, if the roof overlooks a neighbor's property: Bava Batra 2b-3a

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