Walls of the Temple - Chomot haMikdash

Palisades to keep away birds: Shabbat 90a

Need for the Palisades in Both Temples: Tos. Shabbat 90a #6

King Solomon's plans for the walls of the First Temple: Rosh HaShanah 4a

Motivation of King Cyrus in building vulnerabilities into the walls of the Second Temple: Rosh HaShanah 4a

The relative height of the walls of the First and Second Temple: Bava Batra 3a-b

Herod re-built the Second Temple's walls with clear, white [and blue] marble, lined with lime. He wanted to add gold, but the Rabbis preferred the marine appearance: Succah 51b

Building interior walls of stone or of curtains: Bava Batra 3b

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