Shaving with a Razor

Whether this prohibition extends to women: Kiddushin 29a, 35b

Shaving a moustache with a scissor [of razor blades?]: Moed Katan 18a [See Rashi]; Makkot 21a

Shaving with a scissor, or similar non-razor tools: Kiddushin 35b; Makkot 20a, 21a

Punishment for shaving with a razor: Makkot 20a

Which locations may not be cut with a razor: Makkot 20a, 20b, 21a

How a person is punished for a single act which removes the hair from the various forbidden locations: Makkot 20a, 21a

The korban service performed by a kohen who violates this law is still valid: Zevachim 17a

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