Considering an Item Separated from a Mixture to be from the Majority- Kol deParish MeiRuba Parish

The general rule: "When an item is discovered [individually], rule based on the majority": Pesachim 9b; Ketuvot 15a; Niddah 18a-19a

In Saving Lives: Yoma 84b-85a

Finding A Baby: Yoma 84b-85a

Establishing Lineage of a Rapist: Ketuvot 15a

9 Kosher Stores and 1 Non-Kosher Store: Pesachim 9b, Ketuvot 15a; Niddah 18a

9 Pure Crawling Creatures and 1 Impure Crawling Creature: Ketuvot 15a; Niddah 18a

9 pieces of Matzah and 1 piece of Leaven: Pesachim 9b

On a Biblical Level: Intent to murder 1 person in a group: Ketuvot 15a

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