Meat and Milk Mixtures

Source of the prohibition against eating and benefiting: Pesachim 24b-25a; Bechorot 6b

Prohibiting cooking meat and milk mixtures: Bechorot 6b

Whether the biblical prohibition is against preparation of meat and milk in the style of 'boiling,' specifically: Sanhedrin 4b

Prohibiting a mixture of meat and milk because the prohibited element can be tasted: Pesachim 44b

The milk which is at the outer lip of a cow's stomach; the prepared form is called "Di'Aytera": Pesachim 51a

Meat of fowl with milk: Shabbat 130a

Cooking a vein in milk: Makkot 21b

Punishment for cooking meat and milk: Makkot 21b

Punishment for eating meat and milk: Makkot 21b

Annulling a meat-milk combination in a mixture: Temurah 28a

Burying a meat-milk mixture: Temurah 33b

At what stage of development an egg becomes non-meat: Beitzah 6b

Status of eggs found in a slaughtered bird: Beitzah 6b, 7a

Liability for cooking and eating gid hanasheh [sciatic neurovascular bundle] in milk on Yom Tov: Beitzah 12a-b

Giving a meat-milk mixture to a nochri: Bechorot 9b-10a

Are meat-milk mixtures able to contract impurity of food: Bechorot 9b-10a

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