Support of a Widow - אלמנה

LinksOverallLiving in the deceased husband's home
    If the husband's home is small, such that the orphans and the widow cannot live there comfortably, are the orphans licensed to insist that the widow move out?: Ketuvot 54a

Support from the deceased husband's estate
    A widow can sell off her late husband's property before a court of non-expert judges: Bava Metzia 32a

    Who has the rights to a widow's income, where she is supported by the estate: Ketuvot 43a

    If a man dies and leaves behind a widow and a daughter, and the estate is not enough for both of them, who receives it?: Ketuvot 43a, 49b

    Support of a widow from a man's estate where he also leaves behind a daughter, the daughter marries, and then the daughter dies and her husband inherits her rights to the estate: Ketuvot 49b

    Different clauses in the ketubah in Galil, Yehudah and Jerusalem regarding support for a widow from her husband's estate: Ketuvot 52b, 54a

    If a woman forgives her ketubah to her husband, is his estate obligated to support her when she is a widow?: Ketuvot 53a

    If a man assigns land for his widow's support, and she accepts it, does that cap the property to be used for her support?: Ketuvot 54b

Medical care from the deceased husband's estate
    The duty to provide medical care for a man's widow from his estate: Ketuvot 52b

    Supporting a widow's medical care with a predictable limit from the ketubah money, and open-ended care from the general estate: Ketuvot 52b

    Viewing blood-letting as open-ended care: Ketuvot 52b

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