"Terumah" is a an amount of produce, ranging between 1/40 and 1/60 of the total, which is removed from produce and given to a Kohen.

Requirement to separate Terumah from Produce

Requirement to separate Terumah from specific types of produce

Requirement of Separating Terumah in non-Temple times

Separating Terumah, post-Separation Laws, presentation to the Kohen

The Order of Separation of Terumah and the First Fruits [Bikkurim]

General Order of Separations

Terumah separated from Maaser Rishon

Blessing when Separating Terumah

Consumption of Terumah by a Kohen's Wife

Consumption of Terumah by a Kohen's Daughter

Mixtures containing Terumah

Consumption and Destruction of Terumah

Payment by a non-Kohen for consuming Terumah accidentally

Divine execution [מידי בידי שמים] for a non-Kohen who consumes Terumah intentionally

Impurity and Terumah

Disqualification of Terumah due to Impurity

Giving Terumah to a Kohen's eved

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