Secular Courts

The requirement of following the "Law of the Government": Gittin 10b

Why Nochrim are liable for the death penalty upon committing a capital crime, even if they are not exposed to Torah: Makkot 9b

Legal Bills: Gittin 9a-b, 10b, 11a-b

If the Bill is written in a low-level Court: Gittin 11a-b

A Bill from public gatherings, which aren't actual courts [Kinufya De'Aramai]: Gittin 11a

A Bill written and signed in Persian: Gittin 11a

A bill in Persian, with Jewish witnesses signed on it: Gittin 19b

Rav Pappa allowed a bill written in a Persian Court, by calling in two separate Kutim to read it to him, unaware of the ramifications of their testimony: Gittin 19b

Bills of Marriage: Gittin 10a

Bills of Divorce: Gittin 9a-b, 10b

A Bill of Divorce from a low-level court of Nochrim: Gittin 10b-11b

Bills Freeing avadim: Gittin 9a-b, 10b

A Bill Freeing an Eved, from a low-level court of Nochrim: Gittin 10b-11b

Going to a secular court in order to claim property: Eruvin 47a

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