Disqualifying Witnesses

Disqualifying someone from testimony if he isn't involved in study of Torah and the society of others: Kiddushin 40b

Disqualification for eating in the marketplace: Kiddushin 40b

What happens to a set if part of the set are rendered invalid: Makkot 5b-6a

A gambler: Eruvin 82a

Differentiating between gamblers who have other means of livelihood, and who don't: Eruvin 82a

A person who markets produce of the Sabbatical year: Eruvin 82a

A person who attracts birds away from others' coops: Eruvin 82a

A person who lends and demands interest: Eruvin 82a

The rabbis may decide who is credible to testify regarding rabbinic institutions: Ketuvot 10a, 55b

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