Ownership of Offerings with Lesser Holiness - Kodshim Kalim

Whether these belong to the Dedicator: Bava Kama 12b-13a; Temurah 8a-b

[Intentional/Accidental] Abuse of Holy Items on Offerings with Lesser Holiness: Pesachim 27b, Bava Kama 12b; Temurah 32b

Responsibility for damaging Offerings of Lesser Holiness: Bava Kama 12b

Ability of a Kohen to marry a woman with Offerings of Lesser Holiness: Bava Kama 12b

Kohanim acquire their share of offerings from the Abstract "Sanctified Property", not directly from the owner as a gift: Bava Kama 12b-13a

Their boundary of travel, during the time of the Tabernacle in Shiloh: Megillah 9b; Temurah 21b

Their boundary of travel during the time of the Temple was the wall of Jerusalem: Megillah 9b; Temurah 21b

Where these undergo shechitah: Zevachim 55a-b

Whether they could be consumed in their legal space, if the walls which were to be around that space didn't exist: Megillah 10a

Punishment for consuming such entities outside Jerusalem: Makkot 17a

Whether a thief has to pay an extra 1/5 for stealing such an animal, if he first swears falsely that he did not steal it: Temurah 8a-b

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