Rabbi Yishmael ben Rabbi Yosi

Rabbi Yishmael B"R Yosi citing his father, Rabbi Yosi: Eruvin 80a

Rabbi Yishmael B"R Yosi and Rebbe and Avdan: Yevamot 105b

Rabbi Yishmael B"R Yosi as a "Baal Bassar" - Person of Flesh: Yevamot 105b

Rabbi Yishmael B"R Yosi's instructions to Rebbe: Pesachim 112b

Rebbe praised Rabbi Chama bar Bissa to Rabbi Yishmael Ben Rabbi Yosi; Rabbi Yishmael Ben Rabbi Yosi was disappointed when Rabbi Chama asked him for Rebbe's opinion instead of Rabbi Yosi's [Rabbi Chama had thought it appropriate, as Rebbe was the head of the school, had the Sages before him, and was very sharp]: Niddah 14b

How Rabbi Yishmael B"R Yosi permitted the people of Tzippori to bring a Torah scroll for reading on Shabbat: Eruvin 86b

Paid a man for his load of wood rather than help him load his animal, going beyond the law since he was completely exempt from the requirement as it was beneath him. He then rescinded ownership of the wood; when the man reclaimed the wood so that he would be in the same situation again, he bought the wood and rescinded ownership and told the man that He couldn't claim it: Bava Metzia 30b

Rabbi Yishmael B"R Yosi requesting from Rabbi Yehudah, "Rebbe, Explain that statement!": Succah 18a [2x]

Rabbi Yishmael B"R Yosi had a vow rescinded because he hadn't planned on the result, which was that a man bopped him on the head with a basket [when he was paining the rabbis who were trying to find a way to annul the vow]: Nedarim 23a

Rabbi Yishmael B"R Yosi cursed those who would imitate a legal method which Rabbi Chanina alone could practice properly, with Askera Disease: Niddah 20a-b

He examined blood, to see whether it was menstrual, on cloudy days and with little light: Niddah 20b

Rabbi Yishmael B"R Yosi was careful not to take money which could be remotely seen as a bribe: Makkot 24a [2x]

Rabbi Yishmael B"R Yosi labelled Rabbi Chiyya, "Bavlai [Babylonian]": Eruvin 80a

Rabbi Yishmael B"R Yosi wanted to enter a business deal, and Rebbe prohibited it; or vice versa: Bava Metzia 73a

Bunyus ben Bunyus came before Rebbe, and Rebbe said, "Make way for the man who is worth 100 Maneh." Then another man came, and Rebbe said, "Make way for the man who is worth 200 Maneh." Rabbi Yishmael B"R Yosi protested, "Rebbe, Bunyus's father owns 1000 boats at sea, and 1000 cities on land!" Rebbe replied, "When you see his father, tell him not to send his son before me in this sort of garb": Eruvin 85b-86a

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