R' Tzaddok

In Yavneh for Pesach: Pesachim 49a
Received News from afar of his father's death 3 years after it happened: Moed Katan 20a
How R' Tzaddok talked a matron into ending her sexual harassment of him: Kiddushin 40a
Rabban Gamliel tried to serve R' Eliezer, R' Yehoshua and R' Tzaddok at Rabban Gamliel's son's wedding. R' Eliezer refused to be served, but R' Yehoshua and R' Tzaddok pointed to Avraham's and Gd's service of others, respectively, as models for the greater serving the lesser: Kiddushin 32b
R' Tzaddok's forty years of fasting to prevent the destruction of the second Temple: Gittin 56a, 56b
The cure for R' Tzaddok's malnutrition: Gittin 56a, 56b
R' Yochanan ben Zakkai asking Roman General Vespasian for the safety of the sages of Yavneh, the survival of Rabban Gamliel's line, and medical treatment for R' Tzaddok: Gittin 56b

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